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Testimonials from Tai Chi participants

  • I have benefited so much from taking Mary's class. I have increased my balance and it has helped me as a stress reliever. I plan to take more classes with Mary as she is a wonderful patient teacher. Thank you Mary for your instructions and teaching me Tai Chi.  Thanks Cathy


  • "I love my Tai Chi classes with Mary. She is an experienced and skilled teacher who gives clear and precise instructions. Since I am a beginner, I appreciate her patience, kindness, and sense of humor. I highly recommend Mary's Tai Chi classes." -  Kathy Malic


  • “Mary is a warm and welcoming instructor who makes everyone feel respected and included. I myself, have only begun returning to Tai Chi after a 25 year absence. Overall, the Grayslake facility is clean, inviting and professionally outfitted, making it a wonderful place to meditate/concentrate. To date, my wife and I have ended each class with a renewed sense of relaxation and mental fitness. Overall this class was a very good find for us”  - - Michael Braun


  • “Tai Chi with Mary is amazing! Tai Chi helps focus the mind and relax/heal the body. Anyone can do it! Mary is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the background context of the movements so that you have a better understanding of the “why” and the “how”. Each class refreshes and energizes me! I would recommend Tai Chi with Mary to all.” - - Peggy Hansen-Braun

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