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Instructor Jack Lund

At 7 years old Jack started Judo lessons at his local YMCA which instantly fueled his desire to learn martial arts and self-defense. Throughout middle school and high school he trained in Tae Kwon Do and after graduating from college moved to Austin, TX, where he trained in Cha-yon Ryu (which combines elements of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Karate) as well as Hung Gar kung fu and Guang Ping Taiji.

After receiving his black belt in Cha-yon Ryu, Jack trained with Master John Wang in Shuai Jiao (a Chinese grappling art), and several styles of northern Kung Fu. After leaving Texas and moving to Chicago, Jack briefly trained in western Boxing, Wing Chun and Cabales Eskrima with Waldo Ocaña.

Finally, Jack came upon Guro Edie Mesina at Lions Martial Arts Academy and began training in her unique style of Kampilan Eskrima. Under the guidance of Guro Edie, he learned (and continues to learn) complex stick fighting and weapons techniques, all while learning different self-defense concepts and understanding the cultural and historical roots of Eskrima. He has earned his 3rd degree black belt and has won numerous national Eskrima tournaments. Jack furthers his skills as a instructor at Lions passing on the knowledge that Eskrima is a continuous mental and physical journey of challenges and growth.

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