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  Martial Arts  

Here at Lions Martial Arts Academy, we believe that Martial Arts is a great way to lead and inspire people of all ages. Our traditional approach to teaching Martial Arts develops a strong knowledge of the arts, as well as a solid moral compass for our students. Our teachings focus on leadership, respect, responsibility, and a sense of compassion for others. Just as important, our modern approach to self-defense prepares students for everyday situations and the mindset to handle them. In all our programs, we discuss and implement easy to learn techniques that cover one on one attacks, multiple attackers, and weapon self-defense. Included with our kids’ program, we discuss stranger danger, bullying in its many forms, and what to do in those stressful situations.  The overall goal is to use Martial Arts as a way to give students a foundation on which to build a happy and healthy life.

Lions  Martial Arts Academy still teaches the original Taekwondo and Karate that was taught to Master Darius Pfeifer in his youth. Overall his time spent with serveral masters in both traditonal karate, tang soo do, hapkido and taekwondo he has developed a style that is both traditional as well as effective in todays world. Using powerful kicks and dynamic hand techniques this martial art is effective when used as self defense, sport or physical exercise. Training techniques includes forms, sparring and one and three step sparring. Advanced classes introduce the use and defense against weapons and multiple attackers as well as competive sparring and forms.

In addition to self-defense and physical fitness, Students learn respect, courtesy, self-discipline, focus and self-reliance. Suitable for students of all ages and physical condition, Martial Arts is a life skill that can be practiced and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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