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  Lions Martial Arts Academy has a strong sense of civic responsibility.  We provided a weekly free service to the Lake County Health Department that taught at-risk teens how to make better decisions and gave them some tools to help navigate their way through the different situations that they faced.  We are currently running an after school program and a portion goes back to Frederick Middle School.  

  Giving back to the community strengthens compassion for others. We have actively been involved in food drives for local food pantries and children’s homes and we have organized gift programs for families in need during the holidays.  We sent care packages to our troops in harm's way, and sent truck loads of supplies to help the tornado victims in Joplin. Looking forward, we are also going to start a dialog with local school officials to address the growing bullying problems that our children face.

See recent event photos: Lions volunteers at Feed My Starving Children in Libertyville, IL
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